Scent and Myrrh incense is aromatic, clean-burning incense that will burn for about 20-45 minutes, releasing your favorite fragrance. Feel free to enjoy our collection of fragrances to chill, meditate, or relax. And if you want to be mosquito free - light one of our outdoor scents.



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what our customers are saying:

"Scent and Myrrh has some Amazing Scents. It’s my go to for my entire house! And they always come through for all of my gifts"

- Bri

"Gm I know it’s early I just placed another order because the Egyptian Musk is all that and I need more. "

- Jalen

"I haven’t lit the candles..NO need to..The wax downstairs and go through the whole apartment. I’ll never buy any from anywhere else."

- Dre

"I don’t even like incense - but Girl! I love yours"

- Sabrina

“Girl I’m burning my candle and it smells so good! My husband is burning his in the bedroom. We got all kinds of scents going on in the house. Thank you so much."

- Jane

Made with love bY the blossoming sun